The success of Project Homeless Connect Kansas City truly lies in the hands of its volunteers.

We are looking for community members and organizations to join us in helping move homeless lives forward by becoming part-day or full-day volunteers for positions such as navigators, check-in/out, set-up/clean-up and more during our September 12, 2017 event.

We currently do not have volunteer sign-up available for 2017, but will in the coming months. Please subscribe to receive volunteer and PHCKC event updates.



We need around 250 - 300 volunteers to make our event successful.

Participant navigators are matched one-to-one with a participant to help them navigate the event. Participant navigators play an important role in making participants feel welcome and comfortable, learning their needs and making a direct impact on getting them the services they need. Volunteer training is required. Volunteers under 18 cannot fill this shift.


The check-in section is the client entry point. Volunteers assist clients by discussing available service options and filling out a check-in form. Training is offered and recommended. Volunteers under 18 cannot fill this shift.


The Check-Out Area is the final stop at Project Homeless Connect. Check-Out Volunteers work one-on-one with clients before they leave to ensure they have received the services that they need. In addition, volunteers solicit honest feedback from clients about what is working well at Project Homeless Connect, what may need improvement, and what additional services they would like to see represented at the event.

The Check-Out Area is always in need of foreign language speaking volunteers, such as those who speak Spanish. The Check-Out Area is busiest from late morning until the doors close, and may not be the most suitable assignment for a volunteer who is working the morning shift only or who may need to leave early. Volunteers under 18 cannot fill this shift.


The day before the event and early morning on the day of, volunteers are needed to assist with set-up. Duties range from setting up service areas to assembling hygiene kits to posting signage.  This shift is suitable for volunteers under 18.


Clean Up/Tear Down. This service is a good option for those who can leave work a little early but are unable to take the entire day off. The shift runs from 3-5 p.m. on the day of the event. Duties may include some heavy lifting. This shift is suitable for volunteers under 18.


As a general volunteer, you’ll help where help is needed most. Whether it’s lunch setup, jumping in to help with line management, helping with event logistics or many other areas. These volunteers should be willing to move to different service areas whenever necessary.

This shift is suitable for volunteers under 18 These volunteers should be willing to move to different service areas whenever necessary. 


  • Commit to volunteering
  • Be kind and respectful to the participants
  • Attend a volunteer training prior to the event on:
  • Show up on time for your shift
  • Share the news of the event and invite your friends and family to join you in supporting the local Kansas City community




  • PHCKC T-shirt
  • Proper training to prepare you for a successful shift
  • A powerful experience serving people in need in our local community


"It was a very rewarding experience. I felt like I truly helped my people."

"I was so glad I participated. I found it very rewarding and eye opening."

"What a great experience! Not only was this a wonderful event to help the homeless community, it touched me a personal level because it took be out of my comfort zone. I will definitely look to volunteer more in this sector." 

"Great event!"

If you have a large group that would like to volunteer
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