When and Where?
Tuesday, September 21, 2021 – 9:00am to 3:00pm at Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus;
705 Virginia Ave, KCMO 64106

What is Project Homeless Connect Kansas City (PHCKC)?
Project Homeless Connect is a one day event that provides one-stop for a wide variety
of homeless services, including housing, medical, dental, ID procurement, haircuts, and
many more services that will allow individuals experiencing homelessness to move their
lives forward.

What is the role of volunteers?
The majority of volunteers will act as “Navigators” on the day of the event. Navigators
are half of the “connection” in PHCKC . The volunteers assist the participants around
the event and create a welcome and festive environment. Additional general volunteers
will work at the check-in/our table, assist with food preparation, and fulfill other duties as

What are the shifts?
Our most needed shifts are volunteer navigators.
These shifts include training time:

  • ALL DAY: 8am – 3pm
  • SHIFT 1: 8am -11am (FULL)
  • SHIFT 2: 10am – 1pm
  • SHIFT 3: 12pm – 3:30pm

Other shifts include check-in/check-out table, general volunteer needs and pre and
post-event setup and clean-up.

Is training provided?
Yes, to ensure you feel comfortable working directly with the participants all navigator
shifts have required training included in their shift time.
What should a PHCKC volunteer expect on the day of the event?
We expect to serve up to 300 people during this day-long event. Guests that come to
PHCKC have been living on the streets, staying in one of the homeless shelters or are
facing homelessness without immediate interventions. You will meet single adults,
couples, and families with children.
Please keep in mind that trust can be an issue, and many will come with their
belongings. They may be very protective of their things and will typically not want to
separate from them or even let you help them carry their items. The kindness and
compassion you show to your guest will help build trust quickly.

What are the first things I should do when paired with someone?
1. Greeting and break the ice
2. Fill out “Participant Information” and prioritize services desired for the day
3. If meal time, eat and talk together.
4. Set expectation, make a plan together and start visiting different service

How should a PHCKC volunteer break the ice with the homeless guests?
There is a lot of anxiety when it comes to anyone entering a new situation. Just as you
may be nervous about starting a conversation with a guest, they are nervous, too! Will
you judge them for their appearance, the way they carry their belongings, for their
current situation or for what led them to this event?
· Try to ask questions in a nonthreatening way.
· Introduce yourself using only your first name. Tell them about yourself.
· Be courteous. Respect the person, their space and their time.

What should a PHCKC volunteer wear?
Comfortable shoes and casual attire. You will be provided a gray volunteer t-shirt upon

Where does a PHCKC volunteer check-in?
Volunteer Central will be on site at Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus in coordinated entry area 705 Virginia Ave, KCMO 64106. Volunteers can also
park on the street or in open city lot just down the street from Hope Faith. You will see signs the day of the event.
There is limited parking provided at Hope Faith. Please carpool when necessary.

Can a PHCKC volunteer take breaks?
Yes, it is recommended that volunteers take a brief 10 minute break if needed in
between navigator positions. Coffee, water and snacks will also be in Volunteer Central.

Is food provided?
Yes, lunch is provided. You are encouraged to eat with the guest you are navigating.
Coffee, water and snacks will also be in Volunteer Central.

Who should a PHCKC volunteer ask questions to at the event?
PHCKC committee members are wearing RED t-shirts and can answer your questions.

What if a PHCKC volunteer feels uncomfortable?
Find a ReStart employee in a purple t-shirt who can take over the navigation or offer
advice. There will also be a “Help Me” station where a PHCKC committee member will
always be located. Keep in mind, there will be two on-duty police officers in normal
attire (“undercover”) monitoring the event.

This should be a fun experience for everyone involved!
No Stress!
Thank you for dedicating your day to helping individuals and families
access the services they need.