Project Homeless Connect is a free event that connects individuals and families experiencing homelessness with the vital services and care they need to move their lives forward, all on one day and in one place. Project Homeless Connect events have been held in more than 260 cities, and the model has been adopted nationally as a best practice for cities addressing homelessness.

PROJECT HOMELESS CONNECT Each year, PHCKC strives to bring individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Kansas City the care and services they need to move their lives forward with the help and collaboration of community volunteers and agencies. Ultimately, the goal is to connect guests to agencies that can serve them on an ongoing basis and Project Homeless Connect KC serves that vital role in the continuum of care.

Snapshot of Homelessness in Kansas City

A January 2020 Point-In-Time Survey revealed that 1,798 individuals are homeless on any given night in Kansas City, 386 of them are under the age of 18. 438 of those individuals are living unsheltered every single night.

See the Point-In-Time Homeless Counts Reports on the Greater KC Coalition to End Homelessness website.


For eight years, Project Homeless Connect KC has served over 300 homeless individuals and families annually in the Kansas City metro area.

In 2014, our volunteers brought Project Homeless to Kansas City for the first time with the help of The Rotary Club and a local Rotaract chapter. Now, as a fully volunteer-led group, we raise the funds through sponsors and donation programs to put on the annual event. We partner with the Greater KC Coalition to End Homelessness and over 55 agencies to put on the event every year.


  • Event was held on Sep. 21 2021 at Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus. The details on our impact and how we helped are forthcoming.


Due to health and safety concerns from the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, there was no in-person PHCKC held in 2020. We held virtual drives and fundraisers instead.

  • $900 was raised and donated from a virtual wine tasting to benefit reStart
  • In partnership with "I Support the Girls" we collected 760 bras, 304 pairs of underwear, and 2,015 menstrual hygiene products. The donations were divided and donated to Hope Faith, Rose Brooks, reStart, and True Light Family Resource Center. Read about the collection event in this Shawnee Mission Post article.


  • 330 served, including 23 children
  • 168 participants received vision services
  • 150 participants checked-in for dental services
  • 78 received assistance from housing services
  • 74 checked in for medical services
  • 38 completed housing system assessments (VATs)
  • 19 participants received legal assistance
  • 32 SNAP applications were received
  • 21 animals received veterinarian services
  • 37 received assistance from Youth Street Outreach
  • 16 veterans sought housing services
  • 21 Missouri IDs were given
  • 99 participants received birth certificates
  • 84 received employment and education services
  • 32 portraits were taken
  • 42 participants received haircuts


  • 136 participants received vision services
  • 106 participants had dental services
  • 60 received assistance from housing services
  • 59 checked in for medical services
  • 48 completed housing system assessments:
  • 40 participants received legal assistance
  • 30 SNAP applications were received
  • 8 animals received veterinarian services
  • 8  received assistance from Youth Street Outreach
  • 16 veterans sought housing services
  • 19 Missouri IDs were given
  • 47 participants received birth certificates
  • 47 south library services
  • 48 portraits were taken
  • 93 participants received haircuts


  • 108 participants received vision services
  • 80+ spoke with housing resources
  • 66 were given eye exams
  • 50 participants had dental services
  • 44 received help from employment services
  • 39 pairs of readers were given away
  • 38 SNAP applications were received
  • 26 received assistance with past due bills
  • 25 had help from Legal Aid Services
  • 41 Missouri ID's were given
  • 22 participants received out-of-state birth certificates
  • 18 medical services performed
  • 9 job applications applied for
  • 7 animals received veterinarian services
  • 4 Veterans sought housing services
  • Haircuts and styling for many individuals


  • 169 guests received housing assistance information
  • 152 medical services provided
  • 123 vision services provided
    • 56 pairs of glasses prescribed and made
    • 35 guests provided readers on-site
  • 55 guests received behavioral health services
  • 55 guests received legal services
  • 43 portraits taken
  • 42 guests received dental services
  • 30 SNAP (food stamp) applications received
  • 29 birth certificates issued
  • 17 Medicaid applications
  • An array of veteran services for 6 individuals
  • $1,571.90 library fees waived
  • Haircuts and styling for many individuals


  • 113 participants received vision testing
    • 64 received new prescription glasses
  • 100+ participants received housing assistance information
  • 16 SNAP (food stamp) applications
  • 6 dogs given rabies vaccines
  • 18 State IDs
  • 38 Birth Certificates
  • 48 participants qualified for free cell phone plans
  • 72 participants received behavioral and medical health services
  • 11 individuals received a variety of Veteran services
  • Haircuts and styling for many individuals
  • Job assistance services many in need


  • 94 medical and health services
  • 51 birth certificates
  • 13 Missouri state IDs
  • 30 SNAP (food stamp) applications
  • 24 domestic violence victims serviced
  • House and job assistance services for dozens of families and individuals
  • An array of veteran services for 12 individuals
  • Child care for 12 children

Project Homeless Connect Kansas City 2023

May 9, 2023 | Gregg/Klice Community Center

1600 E 17th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64108

Following the success of previous years, the goals for 2023 include:
  • Improve access to services for a minimum of 300 Kansas City homeless participants on both sides of the state line
  • Improve the system of care through collaboration and the sharing of best practices among Kansas City’s homeless service provider community
  • Partner with the private sector, corporations and foundations to expand service capacity and funds

Who We Are

Project Homeless Connect KC is completely volunteer-led! We are a committee of passionate professionals who feel it's well worth our time, effort and energy to coordinate this event year after year.

The 2022-2023 Planning Committee:
  • Emma Brooke, Global Prairie (Co-Coordinator)
  • Sarah Fustine, Pioneer Partners (Co-Coordinator)
  • Christian M. Shuster, Jackson County Historical Society
  • Kelly Berry, KC Public Library
  • Stephanie Boyer, reStart
  • Tiffhany Bell, Tears Reap Joy Foundation
  • Tessie Wissel, Rufus Teague
  • Marti Fromm, Global Prairie
  • Rachel Waller
  • Keeley Gierer
  • Rithika Ginjupalli
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